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Bantu Knot Out *Natural Hair*


I must mention that I am super happy 2016 has ended. It was a difficult year for me, and my family, so I’m super happy its over and gone. YAY! Moving on!

This year in the BIG 2017. We should all take a look at ourselves in a mirror and think about the value on life, and the lives of others. 2017 is going to be a challenge for the world. So just keep in mind that we are all in this world together. Black, Brown, White, Olive, Tan, Mahogany, we are all human and our lives have meaning.

Just a little food for thought. šŸ˜‰



Thanks to this pregnancy, I absolutely have zero patience to twist my hair. Every now and then I’ll do a twist down. However,Ā I really want to wear my hair out some days. And lately my twist out have been turning into a big mess, due to me not really putting in the effort. BOOOO on me!

Then I decided to do a bantu knot out. Its simple, quick and easy. So with some good ole water in a spray bottle, and my handy shea butter pomade. I get down to business. When styling the bantu knots, I mainly focus the water, and pomade on the middle and ends of my hair. This theĀ ends of my hair stay sleek, and tangle less or not at all.


This style is a great way to keep your afro stretch.


I felt so pretty in this look. Something new for me. Plus when shrinkage arrives, its not terrible. The hair get fluffy, and big. Adds a ton moreĀ volume.



Happy the look came out super awesome.




  • Keep the hair moisturize. Otherwise tangles will arise
  • If need: when taking hair down and separating. RubĀ a light oil before hand. I recommend Monoi Oil/Cocnut oil.
  • Finger detangle when beginning your style. Comb only if you really need to.


Thanks for visiting!

-Love, HKF

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