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Rosewater & Vegetable Glycerine Spray


Happy Spring, everyone!!! I wanna jump right in and discuss vegetable glycerine. The warm days are coming, and that means humidity will play a BIG factor in our lives for few months. For me, Im in a arid climate so Vegetable Glycerine is on my list to stay. 


VEGTABLE  GLYCERINE: is a clear, odorless liquid produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy, or coconut oil.

On the general side, women with tightly curled hair find glycerin very beneficial. It is an excellent natural moisturizer because of its ability to absorb and keep moisture. 

BENEFITS: Some Naturals may agree, others not so much or at all. There are some benefits of Vegetable glycerine.

  • Glycerin improves natural hair moisture and elasticity.
  • It also helps prevent hair breakage.
  • It stimulates hair growth.
  • It improves hair strength.
  •  It makes a great conditioner for brittle, dry or frizzy hair.

How to: rosewater and vegetable glycerin mix: 



TIP: using too much vegetable glycerine can make hair sticky, and may dry it out more. Glycerin is affected by weather conditions notably humidity and heat. It can be difficult to get consistent results. Mixing with water works best. It is highly soluble in water which makes it most effective as a leave in. Rinsing out not so good. 

So this mix is meant as a refresher for the hair. Use during styling, or a moisturizer for night time prepping. 

This is the best way to use it, at least for me. And its only a few simple steps.

YOU’LL NEED: bottle of rosewater and glycerine.

  1. 1 tsp of vegetable glycerin into the rosewater.
  2. Shake it up
  3. and spray

Thats it! Super simple! This can be used as tone for the face, as well as a hair spritzer.

Hope this helps you beauties! And check out a previous post on humectants:

Shopping for vegetable glycerine, I prefer The Mane Choice brand. The price is more reasonable and its 100% pure. 

Thanks for visiting, happy spring 


  1. Rosewater and glycerine I love them both! I make something similar just adding a little fresh aloe vera juice and Vitamin E oil.

  2. Really, never thought of that mix, sounds really good. Thanks for posting my dear 😀 😀 😀 Will see if I try next year when I get some glycerine, thank you!!!

  3. Mimi says

    Nice post! Those twists tho 🙂

    It’s the raining season over here so I can’t use glycerin…..major shrinkage and I’m yet to give rose water a try.

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