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Mini Twist Set * Protective Styling*

Hello, Beauties!!! I’m here with a protective style post. I’ve decided to take a break from styling my hair out, due to the weather. The cool weather is when my hair is in less control. Wellllll…its autumn and still feels like summer. Some days its high moisture in the air, and my tresses go looney. So, I’m done fighting. The twist are in! 🙂

To prep my twist I used Flax seed & Aloe Vera Gel mixed with 2 of my favorite butters, Kokum, and Shea. My concoction also contains oils: EVOO, Jojoba, Coconut, Jamaican Castor, Brahmi, Vitamin E, and a essential oil. For the oils, I use 1 tsp each for a 8oz container. Butters: 1/2 a cup of Shea, Kokum: 1/4 cup

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It took me about 3 hours. Unfortunately, my twist aren’t perfect, (not all the same size). But you can’t tell. Hehe! Hopefully, they last a few weeks. I will keep everyone posted!


*You do not have to use a half gel half butter product on the hair. Gel alone is fine. My hair does not respond well to gel alone, so I use both.

*Be sure to began you style on clean fresh hair, detangled hair, and always use a leave-in.

*Nightly prepping; spray hair with water.

Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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