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3 Products That Help Manage Hair During Humid Weather


 Hey, Loves! I know I’ve been absent throughout the summer. And I do apologize. My hair has been in a twist down most of the summer, do to the humidity. So not much to report. And you all are probably sick of looking at the same style in every post. I read a lot of web articles about tip on wash’n goes, so that one can wear their hair out during the humid weather. However, its does work for me. Even products to help twist/braids from shrinkage, and frizz. Again, didn’t work.

But 3 products did work for me.

ROSEWATER- water scented with rose petals, used as a perfume and for culinary purposes, and formerly in medicinal preparations.

Jojoba Oil- an oil extracted from the seeds of an American shrub

BAOBAB OIL- a short tree with an enormously thick trunk and large edible fruit

  • You can mix both oils in with the Rosewater. 
  • Add 1.5 teaspoon of Glycerin
  • vitamin E Oil
  • Essential oil for Fragrance (optional)
  • Shake
  • Spray your at night, or use as a styler

It really helps manage the hair during the heat,and humidity. Also makes a great toner.

Products can be found on amazon.com, local health food store. Prices may vary.

Thanks for visiting!

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