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Tropical Dudu-Osun Black Soap *Review*


Hello my loves! I’m still in my creation process, and I don’t want to post anything until my the process is perfect! 

That brings me to posting a review on a skin cleanser. DUDU-OSUN Black Soap! This soap is  all natural and craft in Uganda. African black soap is suitable all over. It’s safe for your face and provides gentle, yet deep-down cleansing for your hair without drying it out and damaging it. The benefits of this ancient soap formula are numerous, due to the ingredients such as plantain leaves, banana peel, and assorted natural butters.


  • Pure Honey
  • Shea Butter
  • Osun (camwood/sandalwood)
  • Palmkernel oil
  • Cocoa pod ash
  • Palm Bunche ash
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lime Juice
  • Water & Fragrance


Some Black soaps ingredients are filled with chemicals that can lead to breakouts, or long term skin problems.  

In the past I’ve used Black soap but was never in AWWW over it. Do to the more I used it the less I witnessed in any difference in my skin. However, Its been 2 months using Dudu-Osun Black soap, and I’m impressed. 

dudu_osun1Dark marks plaguing my life. UGH! 

dudu_osun22 months into using the soap and I’m like, YAY!!!

I think this product works wonders. The scent of the soap is very light. The first time I used the soap on my face, my skin felt tight. Sort of like a clay mask drying feel. So I spray Rosewater on my face and then apply a my skin moisturizer. 🙂

I highly recommend this soap. Especially if anyone of you have been trying to get clear of dark marks. 



http://www.amazon.com Prices may vary

Thanks for visiting! ❤

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