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Styling With Castor Oil Challenge Finale!!!

Hello, sorry I’m late with my update. I should’ve posted on the 4th, but my husband and I our moving, and..well… it’s just so much stuff to pack and move. I’m sure some of you have been there. Lol! But, anywhoo! I’m here now, and making a the final post of the challenge!



What is the Styling with Castor Oil Challenge? Using only castor oil to style the hair. No other products, such as butter, pomades, gels, etc.

Why did I choose to this? Castor oil has quite a good rep. It contains vitamin E, minerals, proteins, antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. For hair, it can add shine, improve scalp circulation, prevent hair loss, control split ends, thicken the hair, and so much more.

So what changes in my hair was I expecting from this challenge? Seeking 2 things. Scalp health and a decrease in split ends. I know there is no cure for split ends. However, in the winter, they can be a total nuisance.

How did the challenge go? The challenge was a success! 🙂 I’ve always loved castor oil, But did move away from it when it can to styling in the past, and i’m not sure why. I’ve add the oil in a number of my DIY styling butters/pomades. Yet from some reason I tend to over look how well the oil works alone. Doing this challenge helped me find that out.

Castor Oil is a very thick, slimy, and filmy oil. The heaviness makes you ask “how does it absorb in the hair”? When styling my hair, I used a spray bottle filled with water, and aloe vera juice. The liquid help the castor oil absorb better. My hair was not heavy nor oily. I saw a reduce in dandruff, which is pretty impressive for the winter season. Split ends have decrease as well. Castor Oil has soften my hair decrease the number of split ends. YAY!

What’s in the future for Castor Oil? I’m going to continue to use castor oil when styling. However, I will be adding coconut oil and a scented oil to the mix. That way during the spring and summer, the oil won’t be so heavy.

Thats all folks! Thanks for visiting and your support!



  1. Yay on castor oil! I absolutely love castor oil. I don’t have a preference on which one, but most definitely castor oil is a staple for me. For massaging, pre poo, and deep conditioning. Thanks for sharing!

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