DIY Hair Product
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Protective Styling *Style Obsession*

Hey Loves! I don’t have much to report. My Castor Oil Challenge is still going great . Simple styling is all I’ve been up to. I’ve been experimenting with twisting my hair creating earthy looks, (Bohemia styles). This is the latest look I’ve been sporting! 🙂


Its 11 chunky twist on my right side, 13 on my left. I prepped my hair with water and aloe vera juice mixed together before twisting. Then took all 11 twist on the right side, twisted them together slightly up to the mid upper section of my head, secured it with a bobby pin a little bit higher in the middle, and repeat on the left side. 

This look is really easy and convent if you just washed your hair and need to run errands, or for stretching the hair. 

 It took just under an hour. :-/ Still not bad! 


This brand is $3.97 at Rite Aid.

Thanks again for the support! Until next post! 🙂


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