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10 Signs To Trim Your Ends


Hey beauties, its been awhile. I’ve been quite busy and caught a nasty cold. But all is well now, and want to share my thoughts about trimming hair.

I trim my ends every 7 months. I rarely have to deal with unruly hair. Yet this may not work for everyone. And you don’t have to trim the hair every 7 months. Some people go a year or longer. However, for me its going well. I did not always trim my kinks in the first year of being natural. That all changed when I began to noticing a few signs that my hair needed help. Single Strand Knots, Frizz, and Tangles. To help you know if your hair is in trouble, I’ve listed 10 signs that my put a end to the problem.

1. Ends Are Damaged

2. Hair Lacks Shape and Movement

3. Hair is Breaking

4. Hair is not growing (that you’ve noticed)

5. Split Ends are noticeable

6.  Experiencing Frizzy hair

7. Single Strand Knot

8. Hair tangles when wet or dry

9. Hair Definition is lacking

10. Hair is Unruly and Unmanageable

Hope this helps. 🙂



  1. Thanks for the article! I was trying to figure out why my hair was getting tangled after detangling. So hard to manage! But I did a trim and my hair was good as new 🙂 Thanks!

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