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DIY: *Natural* Thermal Protector For Hair




Hello Beauties. Before I jump into the making of this product, I want to warn you that this post may be tricky, so please READ THROUGH CAREFULLY.

FIRST: What heat and heat protectors do…

Using heat on your hair will always result in damage. it doesn’t matter if it’s a curling iron, straightener, or hot shower water. heat is heat to hair, and heat degrades its amino acids.  Using a heat protectant on your hair will help minimize the damage (the degradation of tryptophan, an amino acid).

But how? The heat protectant will help prevent full heat transfer to the cortex of hair, thereby reducing the heat induced degradation of the protein. That’s science!

SECOND: What are looking for in a heat protector?

  • no icky toxic chemical
  • minimize heat damage to hair ( we don’t want any breakage/splitting/drying out/etc)
  • nourish and well moistures hair
  • has a high smoke point. we don’t want your hair to “fry”.

that sizzle/pop sound is NOT okay! (the jury is still somewhat out on oils having a high smoke point. while it’s desirable in a heat protectant, oils with high smoke points don’t automatically count as great heat protectants. they could still transfer heat to the hair’s core).

Which leads to these oils. Which I’m sure some of you all are familiar with.


  • Shea Butter-this is the heaviest duty natural protectant, and the one most similar to the silicones used in commercial heat protectant products.
  • Refined Coconut Oil- anti-microbial, moisturizing and anti-dandruff properties, this oil is a definite a hair-care must and will help repair hair damage and allowing you to grow your hair strong, healthy, luscious and long. But wait, that’s not all! Due to its thick consistency and ability to increase your hair’s moisture retaining capacity
  • Grapeseed oil- high smoking point and amazing results, grapeseed oil is natural heat protectant better than most store-bought ones!
  • Argan Oil- often referred to as “liquid gold” this amazing natural product is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids as well as vitamin E and is something you definitely ought to add to your hair-care routine
  • Avocado Oil-100% natural sunscreen, UVB rays, this natural hair product is something you can mix with other oils (such as Argan or Grapeseed oil) to create your very own natural heat protectant
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Macadamia Nut Oil

The ingredients I’ve list above, will aid your hair with low heat. I am not using these concoction to aid my hair with flat ironing. Only blow drying. Those of you that are thinking of using hardcore heat on hair, you may need silicones.


  • only use heat on hair when it’s dry (if your hair is wet, you’re  boiling your hair)
  • use low heat settings
  • be sure to give hair a good conditioning treatment afterwards


These ingredients can be found at local drugstore, health food store, or on the web.

I hope this post helps with your super awesome hair dos! 🙂



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