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Almond Milk Hair Benefits *Natural Hair*


Benefits Of Almond Milk


  • Almonds contain a lot of protein; this enhances the repair and growth process. This is good news for hair whether you take it internally or use it as a deep conditioner.
  • Almond milk is extremely good for hair shedding and dryness, when the milk is massaged in the scalp it loosens dead skin, when the hair follicles are free they grow much easier.
  • Almond milk is rich in vitamin and minerals, which help to improve hair strength and enhance the texture of skin.
  • Almond milk contains an abundance of iron, which improves the oxygen carrying ability of the blood; this includes the blood on your scalp, which in the long run encourages hair growth.

Where To Find Almond Milk

Almond milk use to be tough to find. But now that so many people are become more health conscience, almond milk can be found at your local grocery store.



After my Almond Milk rinse, I applied my leave-in, add almond oil,coconut oil to my hair, twist in larger twist, let my hair air dry, took the twist down once dried, pulled back in a ponytail. Thats all folk!


The cost Almond Milk: $3-$12 may vary even more.

Almond Milk I use: Pacific Naturals  $3.09 Pacific-Natural-Foods-Non-Dairy-Beverage-Unsweetened-Almond-Vanilla-052603065047



Stay natural beauties. 🙂


  1. Ohhh your hair looks gorgeous! I went and bought some Almond milk the other week because I heard about how good it is for us internally. I couldn’t get over the taste though… I am use to “regular” milk soooo it won’t go completely to waste! Thank You 🙂

  2. Interesting. Now, I would love to try almond milk too. Thanks for the great idea. 🙂 Have a nice day!

  3. You stated almond milk rinse. Does that mean we rinse the almond milk out or leave it in?

  4. Ok thanks. Your hair looks great! What do you use for your leave in?☺️

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