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Product Review: Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil w/ Hibiscus


Hello beauties! My obsession with hibiscus has yet to end… and I hope it doesn’t. Found a new oil by Dabur that I’m reviewing in this post, Vatika Coconut oil w/ Hibiscus.



Coconut oil:  helps to nourishes scalp and thereby promotes hair growth.

Lemon: works as a conditioner and fights dandruff

Alma: strengthens the hair, helps thicken the hair, maintains the a healthy hair

Hibiscus: nourishes the hair, sealing it with a natural shine, softens, conditions and moisturizes the hair,  soothes the scalp




  1. massaging into the scalp twice a week (without rinsing product out)
  2. use as a styler
  3. hot oil treatments
  4. mix with hennas, and other Ayurveda methods
  5. mixing oil in with DIY pomades, shealoe, butters, and gels



I love adored Dabur products. Their products are not expensive, widely available on ground, or web, usually fully stock, a lot of their products have natural ingredients, and products last a long time. BIG pro for this product, is that it works the way it listed. When using this product as a styler, my hair feels light weight, shiny, has a soft hold, very bouncy, and smells great, (like lemons). When massaging on the scalp, my scalp feels refreshed. When using as a hot oil treatment, after rinsing there oil out, my hair detangles without a fuss. Overall, I love this product, it so versatile, and delivers in the way it promises. Highly recommended. 🙂





On Ground: local health for market, indian food/grocery/health stores

COST: $2.95-$13.99


Hope this helps, and thanks for visiting!





  1. I am going to get some of this! I have been saying that for the longest, but I am really going to do it this time. I think in the warmer months it will help nourish my roots and my seasonal growth spurt!

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