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Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Nature Conditioner “Natural Hair” 4b/4c


product can be purchase at; price $5.75-$11.98 (11.5oz)
Walmart: $7.98 (11.5oz)

Hello beauties. So happy today, the snow is beginning to melt and a little sample of spring is starting peak. SO HAPPY! However, the search for a good conditioner is always a struggle. I must state, that I’ve had good luck with the conditioners I’ve chosen in the past. Yet I’m always on the hunt to try a new one. Conditioners are alway  fun to play with, because I can mix them a DIY product.

I saw Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Conditioner a conditioner I’ve never seen before.

Conditioner Benefits:                                                                                                                                             Promote hair growth in places that have experienced hair loss or significant thinning. Aloe vera stimulates the production of new hair and may even lessen the effects of Alopecia.

Package Suggest to combined coconut milk and oil to conditioner:                                                                     When combined with coconut milk and oils, such as jojoba, can make a revitalizing conditioner that not only works to prevent hair loss but also promotes new hair growth.


  • 100% aloe vera
  • jojoba oil
  • castor oil
  • wheat germ

My Mix added to Conditioner:

  • honey (optional)
  • coconut milk
  • olive oil
  • mixed together
  • applied to hair
  • let it set in my hair for 5mins
  • rinsed
  • applied leave-in


I twisted my hair into two buns on each side. My hair was super soft and shiny. What I love most is how refreshing my scalp felt after the rinsed.


I do suggest giving this conditioner a try. The results I experienced where very positive.


    • @heramerpersandhim Fruit of the earth prices are really reasonable. I found more products by them on amazon. They sell a ton of skincare products as well. 🙂

  1. WOW, boyyy I wished we had that here but am searching WALMART RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ingredients list is a dream come true, thanks girl, best post yet!! 😀 😀 😀

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