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Simply DIY Shealoe Butter Update “Natural Hair” 4b/4c



Hi beauties, I want to post a updated version of the Shealoe DIY. Note; this is the product I use most. My hair styles last for days, my hair is very moisturized, and I have a ton of volume when I use my DIY Shealoe. 🙂

So, Here are the latest ingredients.

You’ll Need:

  • Raw organic Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Hemp oil (optional) prevents dandruff
  • Vatika Oil (optional) I use this for the lime scent

In my opinion, the less ingredients I use, the more positive results my hair receives.

My hair is more manageable, soft, styles easier, and is less greasy, OH, and I have less single strain knots.



Normally my hair would never stay in a french braid. However, something abut the aloe vera ingredient puts my hair is a manageable mood. THIS time I got my all of my kinks into one french braid, without a single bobby pin. BIG DEAL to me. 🙂 I was stoked this day.

Overall, I just wanted to share the CURRENT ingredients I’ve been using in my Shealoe mix. 🙂

Whipped it all out!

Whipped it all out!


See you beauties in the next post. Stay nappy!


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