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Hibiscus Flower Treatment *Natural Hair 4b/4c

Hibiscus & Nupur Henna Mix

Hibiscus & Nupur Henna Mix

Hibiscus or Jaswand is known as one of the best secrets to beautiful and healthy hair. 

Benefits of Hibiscus:

  • promotes hair growth
  • assist with split ends
  • thickens hair
  • a hair cleaning agent
  • stops hair fall
  • gives a healthy luster with bounce
  • delays premature graying
  • used as a natural hair dye
  • use as a drinkable tea or a refreshing drink

There are different kinds of Hibiscus flowers, from Africa to Asia.

The Hibiscus I purchased was imported from African, Egypt. I chose a African Hibiscus because its a more darker red than others and I’m hoping it to assist with coloring my hair a dark cherry or burgundy tone. 

Where to purchased: *If you purchase Hibiscus, be sure to search Hibiscus powder, not the flower. Otherwise you’ll have to grind the flower into a powder. I purchased my Hibiscus powder from $20 plus shipping and handling, 100% pure USDA certified. The powder they supply is grind down perfectly, zero grainy bits. Locks onto the hair soothly, and rinses out get. No hassle.

Hibiscus & Nupur Henna Mix:

  • apple cider vinegar
  • warm water
  • castor oil
  • bringraj oil
  • coconut oil
  • Nupur and Hibiscus powder




Apply the gloss to hair


I left the treatment in for 3 hours

After I rinsed out the mix,  I deep condition with my  DIY conditioner (DIY link):

after ALL that, I applied my leave in, and did a wash and go.



Clearly I was having fun with the camera. Also, I my results where great. My hair felt shiny, bounce, tangle free, and had major curl definition. I love Hibiscus powder, and will be adding it to my daily regime. 🙂



Stay Nappy beauties!


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