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LUSH Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub Review


Many of us ladies are constantly bombarded with tons of facial cleansers that promise tone, radiant, soft, smooth, clear skin. However, some of us have yet to find this miracle all in one lovely jar. If you beauties can relate, then this post is all for you.

I love LUSH body products, from body scrubs to bath bombs, but recently I decided to take a risk on there facial scrubs. And ladies___ I was not disappointed.


 The minerals in sea salt soften as it scrubs away dirt, dead skin and blockages for a bright, fresh face. Mixtures of fresh avocado and coconut to hydrate thirsty skin, leaving it balanced and soft. The antibacterial effects of lime and vodka are ideal for blocked pores, blackheads or blemishes and leave skin visibly brightened.


  • Suitable for all skin types: Ocean Salt is beneficial for combination to dull and oily skin, and works well to occasionally exfoliate dry skin.
  • Our most exfoliating cleanser: Ocean Salt contains a combination of coarse and fine sea salt.
  • *For an invigorating scrub: Salt and citrus oils can cause irritation for sensitive skin types. If you’re quite sensitive, we suggest using a gentler product.


Fine Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) , Fresh Grapefruit Infusion (Citrus grandis) , Coarse Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) , Stearic Acid , Fresh Lime Extracted in Vodka (Citrus aurantifolia) , Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Glycol Cetearate , Triethanolamine , Fresh Avocado Butter (Persea gratissima) , Coconut Fat (Cocos nucifera) , Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia) , Seaweed Absolute (Fucus vesiculosus) , Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata) , Glycerine , Lanolin , Cetearyl Alcohol ,*Limonene , *Linalool , Perfume , FD&C Blue No. 1 ,Methylparaben , Propylparaben

My Thoughts

If it didn’t sound positive already stated above. I ABSOLUTELY love this scrub. My skin tone appeared visibly even, and radiate, feels softer, looks younger and healthier after two uses. I have zero cons with product. The price is worth it. $21.95 for a 4.2oz 35.95 for a 8.8oz I used a sample size 1.5oz product before purchasing. That sample lasted 2 weeks. So I went ahead and purchased the 8.8oz for $35.95,  3 weeks ago and I still have a full jar. The big pro with this scrub, is if use use it only on your face it should last a month in a half, maybe longer. On the body I’m not sure, have yet to try it. Sorry.

If you don’t want to purchase this product right away. I recommend going into LUSH and request a sample. They are very generous, and may give you more then one.  🙂

Good luck, my pretties!


  1. Thanks for great review. This product is amazing! I needed a good body scrub and this one just brightens my skin. I didn’t really use it on my face because I’m already using a mask that exfoliates and didn’t want to over do it. The smell alone sold it for me, it just smells heavenly. I’m a big fan of Lemon based scent and it stayed with me throughout the day.

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