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Twisted Pigtails Twist w/Coconut and Almond Oil

Hey Curly Beauties! This will a pretty short post.But I wanted to share my lazy day hair up-do, that works great to protect the ends of the hair this winter. 🙂

Photo on 11-11-13 at 1.42 PM #3

This was SUPER easy, and fast.


  • spray bottle of water
  • coconut oil (optional)
  • almond oil (optional)
  • hair ties
  • and your fingers

STYLING (make sure your hair is detangled and moisturized; I moisturized w/coconut oil, almond oil)

  1. I twisted my hair into chunky twist (similar to creating a twist-out)
  2. Then gathered all the twist, and twisted into a big twist
  3. DONE!

I know very short directions! 🙂

This took under a 30mins. and I can leave my hair like this for days. YES!

Photo on 11-11-13 at 1.42 PM #4

A quick do, that’s simple and easy.

Peace curlies! 🙂


  1. Love it girl, when my hair is much longer, will have to come back and try to imitate this style as best as I can, thanks!!!!

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