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Sealing Ends: NATURAL HAIR*

Hey yall, sorry I haven’t been posting often. I’m still having computer issues.  😦 But thanks to phone technology, I’m making post from my phone. Yaay!

Lets being.

Going through my natural journey, I’m learing more and more, that water is the best moisturizer for hair. Using water as a daily moisturizer daily, will help the manageability of hair, as well as help retain lenght.
Finding the best way how/to moisturize the hair is key.
Getting use to a routine will help. Here’s how I moisturize my hair daily.

1. keep a spray bottle filled with water.
2. section hair into four.
3. spray water on each separate section.
4. seal the moisture in and with an oil or butter. ( be sure to get the ends of hair).
5. Now, locking in the moisture by braiding, or twisting.

Then you’re all done


This technique is so simple and highly effective.
Now I understand that most natural do regular co washes to keep their hair moisturized or wetting hair daily.
However if you’re trying to maintain a style like twist /twist outs or braid outs, it doesn’t make sense to completely drenched you’re hair with water then style your hair all over again.
So, if you follow the steps above, doing this while styling the hair you are ensured that the hair is still getting moisturize daily.
If you maintain this technique you can retain length, and look forward to long hair in the future.


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