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Bringraj Oil Benefits for *Natural Hair*



Bhringaraj (Bringraj) is a distinguished medicinal herb cultivated in moist places as a weed all across the world. Botanically known as Eclipta Alba, the herb is commonly known as false daisy.

They are many benefits of the Bringraj plant that aren’t related to the hair topic. But I won’t go into that. For more detail on this topic check out;

Bhringaraj Oil Uses
  • Bhringaraj oil, when used for few months, helps in regaining the original color of the hair, in case of premature graying.
  • By massaging the scalp and hair with bhringaraj oil, it helps in relieving the mind from stress and anxiety depression.
  • Bhringaraj oil is combined with coconut oil, sesame oil and herbs, such as amla and shikakai, for making hair conditioners.
  • The oil also benefits people suffering from premature hair loss, balding, dandruff and dryness of scalp.
  • It nourishes the scalp and hence, avoids splitting of hair, thereby making it soft and manageable.

How I used this oil

I have a number of ways, I use this oil for my hair

  1. mixing 1/2 cup bringraj oil with my henna treatment
  2. i keep a DIY separate container of oil for my hair mixed with 1/3 of bringraj oil and a variety of other oils (this I uses daily when styling)
  3. bentonite clay cleansing, when cleansing my hair with the bringraj oil, and other oils, this oil assist with moisture, hair growth, scalp repair, sun protection, and color protection
this was my hair after a bentonite clay cleanse with bringraj oil

this was my hair after a bentonite clay cleanse, then styled with bringraj oil
























I’m super pleased with my results!

WHERE TO FIND THIS PRODUCT; This oil can run between $17-$25 (4oz-8oz)

Good beauties! 






  1. Kisha says

    Hi! I also stumbled upon a youtuber who recommended this oil while I was searching for a remedy for post partum shedding. I ordered mine from for 5.75 for the big bottle. It’s pure natural ingredients. I’ve been using it for almost a year now. My hair has gotten thicker and I’ve had to cut about 6 inches of hair because it grows so fast! Just wanted to let you know about the alternative price.

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