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Styling w/ Homemade Flax Seed Gel “Natural Hair Ponytail


Hey beauties, just wanted to make a post all about flax seeds. Lately my twist out have been look’in crazy, due to the weather. One minute its cold, next it warm with a bit of humidity. Sooo, I’ve been playing with other styles besides my twist-outs.

Also I came across my practically full bag of flax seeds. I ran out of aloe vera gel. So I decided to save some dollars and whip up my on gel. Flax seeds have amazing benefits for hair and body. I just doesn’t have a long shelf life. so try not to make too much unless you have some good preservatives.  I use tea tree oil as preservative, but my flax seeds gel still go’s bad after a month. I’ve learned my lesson to only make what I’m going to use.


  1. place about 1 cup of seeds into a pot. 
  2. add 1 cup of water
  3. allow the water to simmer
  4. stir while simmering
  5. stir as the water gels slimy
  6. remove the pot from the flame
  7. pour flax seeds and water a strainer over a container
  8. you should be left with a tan gooey substance
  9. store your gel in the fridge for 2-3 hrs

(your substance should become gel-like over 2-3 hrs. add whatever oils you want. use as a styler or shaving gel whenever).

Your gel should last up to three-four weeks. You can use this gel to shave with. It leaves legs and under arms super silky soft.

To control my hair the past few days, with the crazy weather. I was able to get a really nice ponytail.

I also noticed how long my ponytail has gotten looking back at my last year photo:

enjoy your flax seeds creations.

God bless, stay nappy! 🙂

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