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Single Strain Knots And Oils For Type 4 Naturals

A mixture of oils:
olive, coconut, brahmi, castor, grape seed, tea tree, jojoba, and almond.

Oil rinsing is a naturals best friend. I try and do an oil rinse once a month. If your hair is very dry, twice a month can help. For highly textured hair looking for ways to stop excessive tangles and matting. A oil rinse is the best option. Not only can a oil rinse cut down or eliminate single strain knots, but it can also replenish moisture lost due to shampooing.

Additional benefits:

  • helps retain moisture
  • make detangling a breeze
  • imports shine
  • helps prevent matting, tangles, knots

How to oil rinse:

  • Cleanse hair
  • mix some of your favorite oils into a empty spray bottle, or small bowl.
  • mix your oils well
  • add the oils to your hair
  • leave the oils in your hair for 10 – 30mins
  • places a plastic bag/ shower cap over your hair
  • rinse with warm to cool water:NOT TO WARM WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO HAIR
  • condition after all oils is remove from hair

My favorite oils + benefits:

  • Coconut oil: Softens the hair delivers nutrients to the follicles, helps correct issues with dandruff
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil:  hydrates the hair, nourishes, softens and improves the elasticity of your hair
  • Castor Oil: Another extremely hydrating oil, it also helps remove impurities from your scalp and hair shaft, also nourishes your follicles promoting healthy hair growth.

Hope this post helps. Tell me about some of your favorite oils.

God bless, and staaaaay nappy. 🙂

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