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Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser


A warming gel cleanser that deeply cleans and detoxifies. Dissolves pore-clogging impurities, oil and makeup as it refines skin texture, brightens skin clarity and minimizes the look of pores over time.
• Artichoke Leaf Extract improves elasticity to help tighten pore walls.
• Charcoal draws out excess oil and impurities as it detoxifies.
• Glycolic Acid helps clarify skin and smooth rough texture.
• Vitamin C helps brighten skintone and minimize fine lines as it defends from free radical damage.
• Jojoba Leaf, a powerful antioxidant, combats free radical damage while it nourishes and protects skin to prevent premature aging, and Willowherb, a unique anti-irritant, helps to calm skin inflammation and reduce visible redness and irritation.

Hi beauties, I want to step away from the hair subject today. Instead I want to talk about some issues I’ve been having with my skin.


  1. oily skin
  2. dark marks
  3. constant breakouts
  4. wide pores

All this was making me lose my mind. I’ve never had skin problems, even during my teen years. So why is it happening now? Well, I never stop using the same product since I was a teenager. I didn’t think of hormonal changes, until I researched what 25-35 year old women should be prepared for during these years. Which are all the problems related to my current situation. 🙂

During my google session I came across the Boscia cleanser. I brought it and the results…


  1. clear skin
  2. smaller pores
  3. dark marks are fading
  4. super soft skin

This product warms as you rub it onto your face. Its no uncomfortable. It’s very relaxing. The color of the cleanser it black, and smells like clay. I love this cleanser. I saw results right away, and its cheaper then the Clinque stuff. lol

If anyone is having the same issues, I suggest giving it a try.:)

God bless ya’ll!

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My goal is to have healthy hair, and to helps others along the way.

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