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Benefits Of Shealoe Butter + Pics

I know I have done a post about shealoe butter, BUT its just soooooooo good, I wanted to bring it up again. Reason 1. Its convenient to those cheapos, (like myself). 2. Its easy to make. 3. Its all organic. 4. It does wonders for the hair.

Quick details about Shealoe butter:

Shealoe butter takes advantage of smooth shea butter with aloe vera. Used in homemade soaps, lotions and other body applications, shealoe butter can be made with raw ingredients obtained from a craft supply store. When you know how to make your own shealoe butter, you are able to soften your skin, strengthen your hair and sooth scrapes and itches with the aloe vera and cosmetic properties of shea.

I hope you all give Shealoe Butter a try. If you need me to re list “how to make shealoe butter”, I will be happy to do so.
Peace, love, and hair grease ya’ll.
God bless.


  1. Tiffany G. says

    Great results. I’m sold on trying it. From your pics, I can tell it provides great definition. Do you use the yellow or white shea butter? Do you think using either is sufficient?

    • From researching on shea butter topics, the color doesn’t matter.
      If you’d like to try my mango pomade send address info, and email. l would to share it. 🙂

  2. will this stuff also help me grow my hair you said you had an ingredient to it where can i find that and do it sprits my hair with water before i put it on.

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