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How To: Seal Your “Natural Hair”


Sealing moisture in your hair is an important technique everyone should be aware of and practice often.
Here is my technique:
1. Use a water based moisturizer first on sections of your hair
2. Seal the moisture with your favorite oil or butter. (I use both)
3. Remember a little product goes a long way

This technique is so simple and highly effective. Some naturals do regular Co-washes to keep their hair moisturized or wetting the hair daily.
However, if you are trying to maintain a style such as twist, twist out, or braid out, it doesn’t make sense to drench your hair with water all the time.
Therefore, I recommend these steps. If you maintain this technique you can retain length, looking forward to longer hair in the future.

Peace, and God bless 🙂


      • Stephanie says

        Yes, if you are able to switch your days off you can ride up with me, my sister and cousin. We are going to take the train from New Brunswick into the city…hope you can switch!

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