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How To Make Your Own Shea Butter Cream, For Styling



Hey ya’ll, I’ve been working are to master at making my own shea cream. And finally I GOT IT. 🙂

Step 1:
You’ll Need
•100% Raw Shea Butter
•Vakita Coconut Oil
•Jojoba Oil
•Grapeseed Oil
•Olive Oil

Step 2:
•Melt your Shea Butter until it’s in liquid state.
•Add 1/2 cup of Vakita Oil
•Add 1/2 cup of Jojoba Oil
•Add 1/2 cup of Grapeseed Oil
•Add 1/2 cup of Olive Oil

Step 3:
•Mix well for 20 minutes
•Let you cream solidify
•Then style your with your new cream

This works get for everyday use, and will help you save money.
Tell me if this works for you.

God bless and happy holidays.

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  1. That is a older post. Currently I mix up a 32oz jar of my shea butter and I combined it kokum butter. Oils is about 2 tsp each now or I eyeball it.

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