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A New Shea Butter Product Review

Hello beauties, happy Friday!
I come today to brag on a new shea butter product I have falling in love with.
Brief History:
Seven months ago, I dumped styling gels, puddings, and creams for shea butter. Since then, I’ve pretty much been experimenting on which one I like more.
I started with 100% Raw Shea Butter from a local African shop.
Pros: this shea was $5 bucks for a 16oz. Not bad.
Cons: I couldn’t really trust the individuals I brought my shea butter from. Why? Welllll- every time I brought a new butter, it was always different. Didn’t like that.
Then I discovered Now Solutions Shea Butter.
Pros: Lasted about 5 months. Didn’t have to use to much because it was extremely rich.
Cons: The texture weighed my hair down. Smells like crisco- lol- no lie.
Then I came upon Shea Natural. Their shea butters come in fragrance or fragrance free. I’ve been trying the Coconut Ginger fragrance, and love it. The texture of the butter is smooth, and rich. Doesn’t weigh my hair down, and isn’t all the greases. 🙂
Plus when every time you buy a product, your make a donation to Africa. 🙂

My twist-out is well define, fluffy, and suuuuuper soft. I think I found my new favorite shea butter.

The Product:

Our 100% pure unrefined Shea Butter is extracted from the seed of the West African Karite Tree, known as the Tree of Life. This rare, natural butter has been treasured for centuries as it contains essential nutrients to heal, moistures and protect all types of skin while restoring elasticity and tone. Rich and creamy, each jar of our Whipped Shea Butter is crafted with care.

Enjoy the rich, delectable scent of pure Coconut and Ginger

Give it a try, while giving back to the home land. God Bless beauties. ❤


  1. Stephanie says

    Hello happykinkyforever,

    It was nice meeting you yesterday. Your hair looked fabulous and it is no surprise that you have a blog about hair care!
    What shampoo do you use and how often do you re-twist your hair? Also, how often do you reapply product while re-twisting? I notice that my hair is super dry since I started going natural in October and need to look for something that will help combat this. Thanks for any suggestions that you might offer.
    Don’t forget about the conference next October 6 and 7 at the Imhotep Institute Charter High School on 2101 West Godfrey Avenue in Philadelphia. It will be their 18th year. The Philadelphia Conference Center approached them to do the conference at their facility but they want to keep the event local to benefit the local community. You can also go to for information or call 215-438-8189.
    Thank you for any information you might offer!

    • It was nice meeting you to.
      I love helping with hair csre issues, and never shy from questions.
      I cleanse my hair with Nupur henna, mixed with horsetail powder, castor oil, and a little bit of nature gate shampoo and condition.
      I dry my hair with a t-shirt to reduce frizz. Then I apply kinky kurly knot today leave-in conditoner. I retwist every other day, I apply shea butter and coconut oil. Gels, creams, puddings, etc don’t work for me. Lol
      If your hair is dry, I suggest vakita coconut oil. It works wonders.

      Feel free to ask me questions anytime. on my blog or email at
      God bless and happy holidays.

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