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Respect The Kink

I recently came upon a talk show that’s new to me. Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers. The topic: “How Black Women Style Their Hair”. The topic mainly focused on what is “good hair”. Kim Coles was the guest star, and newly natural herself.
It beings with a few black women speaking their thoughts on “why natural is better”, others spoke of “why they wear the weave”.
Then comes the lovely show down of the Black mans opinion of natural hair, weaves, and relaxers.
Know myself so well, I knew I would be hurt by the comments.
Mostly because, as a black women all we want, plead for, pray for is respect. Regardless of how you wear your hair, no matter how you wear it, there will always be a kink.
However, is all about hair when it comes to the Black woman? Or is about the full on respect the Black woman deserves. Stereotypes has left us looking as if the woman was born with PMS, crazy, rude, unmanageable.
Anything negative is the Black woman. When does someone draw the line. When can the Black just be looked at as a woman? Why is it so hard for the Black woman to just be the woman she is? Why is the Black woman the last one to be called beautiful? Maybe when the Black woman is more confident with her own natural beauty, respects her own beautiful black women, and loves her own Black women.

God Bless 🙂

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  1. Angel Witcher says

    Love it! your hair has grown a lot since you haven’t put any heat to it. I’m doing the same, and using the shea butter product. I have to get back on track myself.

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