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Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

When it comes to all-natural products, you want high quality to match the price. How does Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk compare?


As you would expect from a product called Hair Milk, this product is a liquid consistency, but it’s not runny. It has a nice, creamy texture to it that adheres to the hair well.

While I like the fresh, natural fragrance, I know other women didn’t care for it. Scent is a matter of personal preference and you like what you like. I think it’s worth trying to get past the fragrance if that’s the biggest issue because this is a good product.

I’ve received a bottle or two where the contents separated during shipping. This is easily fixed: just shake the bottle well before using and the Milk should come back together. Out of the many bottles I’ve purchased over the years, this has only happened a couple of times. In every other instance, I received a product that was perfect on arrival.

How to Use It

You can use Hair Milk on damp or dry hair. My usual routine is to apply it to damp hair right after shampooing and conditioning. It melts right into the hair. A little goes a long way, which is where you can see the difference between cheap hair products and ones that are pricey, but definitely worth the cost. An 8 ounce bottle of Hair Milk lasts longer for me than the same size bottle in a low-quality product simply because I’d have to use more of the cheaper product to get satisfactory results.

On dry hair, the Milk softens and adds moisture. Because a little does a lot, use this product sparingly. Otherwise, it can be too oily.

The Verdict

Hair Milk is a okay, light moisturizer, but may be too heavy for very fine hair. Some people won’t be able to get past the scent (because you don’t get a choice of fragrance with this particular Carol’s Daughter product); it’s not heavy or overwhelming, but is strong. For instance, if I had to do a blind test, I could tell the difference between Carol’s Daughter products just on smell alone.

It’s light enough to use every day, but you may find that your hair is so well moisturized, that you don’t need to apply it daily. It gives hair a nice sheen and makes it very soft.


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