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Hot Honey-Oil Treatment

Last night I did a hot honey/oil treatment and Whoa; shiny, soft hair! I decided to use Brazil Nut oil because it acts as a deep conditioner, leaving your hair soft, and manageable. The addition of honey was for more sheen and also for it’s humectant properties.
Humectants: attract water molecules [moisture] and binds them along your hair shaft. This results in hair that is properly hydrated, and less likely to break. This is a great treatment to try during these warm summer months if you are having issues retaining moisture.

What you will need:
Small Bowl
Small Saucepan

What you do:
*Fill your saucepan halfway w/water, and bring to a boil
*Place your small bowl in the saucepan of water [like a double broiler]
*Immediately add honey + Brazil Nut oil until it is the consistency of conditioner
*Once the mixture is warm to the touch, remove the bowl from the heat
*Apply mixture to WET hair, you can either do this as a pre-poo, or as a conditioner
*Cover hair w/plastic cap and allow to sit for 30-40 minutes – You can sit under a dryer, or even a steamer!

Give it a try, and tell me about. 😉

Peace, God bless.

The Results

The Results


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