Ayruvedic Treatments
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Herbal Hair Cream

Herbal Hair Cream – Perfect for those looking for a nice creamy, all natural styler that offers a bit of hold. The Brahmi and Amla offer conditioning properties whilst promoting hair growth, and strengthening hair at the roots.
The Shealoe leaves hair soft, smooth, manageable and shiny!

Try It:
•1oz Shealoe Butter
•3 tbs Brahmi Oil
•3 tbs Amla Oil 
Mix all ingredients well, add to sterile jar; store in cool area.

Homemade Vatika Oil I got this recipe from http://www.ehow.com – This was definitely one of my favorite herbal oils. This oil is formulated with herbs that nourish and heal the scalp, promotes hair growth, imparts shine, softness, and manageability.

Try It:
•2 Cups Coconut Oil
•1 tbsp Stinging Nettles
•1 tbsp Amla Powder
•1 tbs Bhringraj Powder
•1 tbsp Brahmi Powder
•1 tbsp Orange Peel Powder
•1 tbsp Neem Powder
•1 tbsp Henna Leaf Powder
Add ingredients to a crock pot set on the lowest setting; leave overnight. Strain herbal oil several times through a cheesecloth, and add to squeeze bottle.  To make even a stronger herbal infusion, take your herbal oil, and add a fresh batch of herbs [in the same quantities listed] and place the mixture back in the crock pot [set on low] for another 24 hours. Strain mixture again, and bottle.



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