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YES Ayurvedic Herbs Helps With Hair Growth Part 1

Years ago, I would never wear my hair natural. I wanted my hair long, whether it was natural or straight. Yet I always wore it straighten because I wanted length, and my natural hair was not shoulder length like my was in a straight state.
In my teens, I would often flip through teeny bopper magazines and see those gorgeous Black women with long kinky/curly locks. I would think to myself, “why can’t my look like that”? After 10 years of frying my hair, I now know the secret, and I want every Black woman to know how to properly care for their hair, whether it pressed or natural. Ayurvedic herds, oils, and cleanser can help your hair overall heath, and growth cycle.

Hair Care Tips:
These tips assist you to take care of your hair according to seasons and nature of your hair. You will be a proud owner of healthy ,shining, soft and thick crowning glory. These tips help to prevent hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, premature graying and split hair. Follow these hair care tips for a healthy , shiny ,thick, long hair.

Complete Hair Care: to prevent hair loss, hair fall,dandruff, premature graying and split hair.

•Use a mild shampoo with no alcohol that won’t dry out the hair. Use the shampoo on scalp and roots. The ends get cleansed while rinsing.
•Use a conditioner or a cream rinse every time after shampooing. Conditioners soften the hair while adding nutrients and give the hair a shine. Cream rinse provides a light conditioning, detangle the hair and still give it shine.
•Dry the hair carefully: use a wide toothed, hard rubber or plastic comb (metal breaks the hair) to gently detangle the hair. Ideally one should allow the hair to dry at least partially on its own.
•Gently dry the hair with towel before blow-drying. Hold hair dryer at least six inches away from head to minimize heat damage.

Oil Massage:
Massage increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and beneath the scalp. This helps the growth of healthy hair. Oil massage extremely relaxes body and mind. Massage is especially beneficial for dry hair as it increases blood circulation and produces natural oil. Do not use too much oil for massaging for oily hair as there is enough natural oil in scalp.

•It is best to use oils such as coconut oil medicated with Bringaraja, Neela, Amalaki, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Brahmi Neem etc,
•The oil should always be lukewarm, which enables it to enter the pores of follicles easily.
•Add one vitamin E capsules to the oil and then massage the scalp.
•The oil should be applied with the help of a cotton pad.
Massage should be done with fingertips only. Avoid vigorous massage after oiling as this can cause weak and brittle hair to fall.
 Oil interferes with adequate cleaning therefore avoid a massage before shampooing.


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