Ayruvedic Treatments
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Vatika provides natural nourishment to your hair. Giving it body and radiance, taking care of the critical balance of nutrients.

Vatika Hair Oil is a delicate mix of pure coconut oil with special hair care herbs including henna, amla and lemon. Blended together to strengthen each strand of hair from within, making you look really gorgeous. Vatika’s unique natural formulation ensures deeper oil penetration to give your hair and scalp complete nourishment for problem free, healthy hair.

•Henna: along with other herbs coats your hair protects it from oxidation maintaining its natural color.

•Amla: strengthens the roots of your hair to help maintain their health and natural thickness.

•Lemon: the astringent action of lemon controls sebum flow.

•Dabur Hair Oils have natural herbs and ingredients that help maintain the health of your hair, right down to the roots. Regular application of hair oil helps prevent hair loss by nourishing the hair and stimulating hair growth. Clinical trials conducted with Dabur Vatika Hair Oil have proven its efficacy in preventing hair loss.

Apply oil: and massage your scalp gently. For best results, leave the oil overnight and wash next morning. You can also apply a steaming towel for half an hour after the massage and get shiny, lustrous hair.

•You should oil your hair at least twice a week. It is best to apply oil and leave it for a day before washing. •Oil enriches your hair, protects it and the massaging stimulates better hair growth.

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