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Rhonda Ray’s; Afro City

What is Afro City about?

“Afro City” is about a singer name Jazzman Love (Rhonda Ray) and her three best friends. One is an art gallery owner, one is a model and the other is an earring designer. “Afrocity” follows these three women as they share their lives, mishaps and voices while maneuvering through the big city of Los Angeles, California based in the Art district of downtown Los Angeles. Through good times, death, divorce, triumph and celebration these four Afronistas create a bond that will last a lifetime. When writing project I gave all of the girls one of my creative talents. The best way to describe Afro City would be “Sex in the City” meets “Girlfriends” with an Afrocentric twist and fabulous fashion to match.

The Ladies:

Rhonda; The Singer

Rhonda; The Singer

Ebony; The Mother

Ebony; The Mother

Bunmi; The Model and Wanna- Be Actress

Bunmi; The Model and Wanna- Be Actress

Sabrina; The Artist

Sabrina; The Artist


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