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Black Hate

I went through a self esteem issue yesterday. One that brought me down very low. However, I can home, told my hubby the issue and got it out of the way and I felt better.
Yet I still want to share this issue with you all, because perhaps this may have happen to you.

Well, my story beings on my lunch break from work. Its hot and humid here in Philly, so I decide to sit outside and eat my lunch. I choose a park close to my job, with trees and a fountain. While I was finishing up my lunch, three young African American teenagers decide to sit near me and gossip, play, joke, etc. Kids being kids, so I look over and smile at them, and got nothing of kindness back.
Out of the blue, I over hear them saying, “why she wearing her hair like that, why she come out the house looking that way.” I was shocked, appalled. Appalled because these are my people speaking of my hair as if its something abnormal, and disgusting. Within a blink of the eye, I said in a nice tone, “isn’t your hair the same way under all that weave”? “I’m not looking at you different because you choose to alter or hide your hair, in fact I think its very pretty”.
They stared at me, paused for a while and apologized, told me that they thought I was a in their age group. I said it ok, and bid them a good day.
It was annoying to me. In 2011 we as African Americans look at our own natural textured hair as if its a bad thing mostly a bad thing if it a black WOMEN with natural hair. Yet its ok for white people to look any kind of way under the sun. Yet we as black people are still getting judge. Judge by not only other ethnicity , but our on people. I’ve often heard a saying by a few old generations of Black people. And the saying goes: Black people are hated by every, yet Black people are the only race that hates themselves.
The saying is harsh, and know their are those that say “hate is a strong word”. However, its some truth in that saying, and I witness it yesterday, and was ashamed to hear my black talk that way.
So when does it end? When do we learn to look at one another and think only positive? We can never move forward with the ideals we have today, and we don’t seem to care. So when do we start caring?

Share your thoughts.



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My goal is to have healthy hair, and to helps others along the way.

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