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Esperanza Spalding in Instyle

Esperanza Spalding is stunning. She featured in this months Instyler Magazine. She blew me away at the grammy’s and once again in the Instyler issue. What a beauty.

For those who don’t know Esperanza Spalding, she’s the Grammy Award winner for best new artist last year and is one of President Obama’s favorite jazz bassist artists; She has played for president Obama’s Nobel Prize 2009. Esperenza Spalding has released three albums: Junjo(2006), Esperanza(2008) and Chamber Music Society(2010) where she sings in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Miss Spalding also teaches music and is professor in Berklee College of Music.

Share your thoughts on Esperanza Spalding. 🙂


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  1. MaoMau says

    Love LOve LOVE HER!!! Incredibly talented and beautiful.. and if you watch her interviews just a really sweet and refreshing young lady… please please take notes ladies 🙂 Act like Esperanza and NOT Nikki Minaj! LOL

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