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Uncle Funky Daughters: Curly Magic

$25.00 16oz

$25.00 16oz

Description: Flex your super-curl muscle naturally with our aloe-based, firm hold curl enhancing gel. Curls become more defined and manageable with a nourished, brilliant shine. Curly Magic delivers superior results of taming frizz, elongates curls and adds moisture all in one powerful product Formulated for kinky and curly textures.

This product is POPPING! I haven’t been doing any flexi rod set on my hair. Its been to humid, and I’m tried of being disappointed the day after due to shrinkage. So I’ve been wearing the Afro, and loving it. I add a leave-in condition (kinky Curly Knot Today), and then applied the Curly Magic as a styler. It as a great smell, gives my hair lots of moisture, and tons of volume. I mean my hair is BIG.
Best of all, its all natural, dries fast and is silicone free, paraben free, has a light fresh clean citrus scent, and is PETA Friendly. YAY

How its applied: Apply Curly Magic, section by section, on soaking wet hair. Finger comb product through hair to stimulate curls. Finger style and allow to air dry or diffuse.

Ingredients: Aqueous-infused extracts of marshmallow, chamomile, horsetail and nettle, organic aloe vera juice, agave nectar extract, potassium sorbate, citric acid and a delightful natural fragrance.




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