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Margo Original Neem Soap with Active Neem Oil

Description: Margo Original Neem Soap is enriched with more active neem oil than most other soaps. Its proven anti-bacterial properties deep cleanse and protect your skin giving you clear skin, naturally.

Ingredients: Neem Soap, Fragrance, Lanolin

Neem: is known to aid with acne issues and blemishes. It is astringent and gives glowing skin. It is an anti microbial herb, rendering microorganisms inactive and thus aids with infections as well. Additionally, neem herb aids with relief from eczema and ringworms.

I like this cleanser because it doesn’t leave my skin dry after its be cleansed. I’ve been using it for a month now, and my skin tone looks very even, healthy, soft, and blemish free. I’m known to getting blemishes during the warm weather. However, lately I have nothing to pout about.


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