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African American Hair Doesn’t Grow + Then and Now Photos

1 month natural

1 month natural

2 months natural

2 months natural

3 months natural

3 months natural

7 months natural (what my hair looks like today)

7 months natural (what my hair looks like today)

First two photos are the beginning of my transition. Last third photo is when I began herbal and Ayurvedic treatments. Fourth photo is what my hair is today.

African-American hair is the subject of many myths, many of which are not true. While there are certainly many physical and textural differences between African-American hair and other hair types, the same basic rules that apply to Caucasian hair also apply to African-American hair.
The most common myth that is still around: African American hair doesn’t grow, unless their mixed. Whaaaaat!
However, I have to admit I once believed that on tale. Of course today is a different story. Now I know that if you feed your hair the right stuff, it will thank you in the process.
If your trying to grow your curls/kinky hair, here are some do’s and don’ts tips.
1. You never brush natural hair:  Because  the hair has a curl and because of this curl the cuticles  is facing different directions, when the brush is pulled against the grain of the cuticles, it causes the cuticles to split, if this split goes from the ends to the scalp, you will have hair breakage.
2. You must never oil your scalp with petroleum/mineral base oils or products:  When these products are applied to the scalp, It clogs the hair follicle, and eventually leads to hair loss.  The oil you apply, plus the oil that is produced naturally, will clog the hair follicle, and a bacterial infection occurs.  The follicle will eventually drop the hair, resulting in a bald spot.
3. Hair pressing is fine for natural hair, however, you must follow some rules, use a protective oil/creams/sprays, and always use a comb heated on a stove.  Electric irons have a tendency to melt the cuticles.  If you are going to do it yourself, please know how to test the temperature of the comb, and the proper technique to use

I began to follow these steps within 4 months of transitioning. Reason: I was getting very inpatient with my hair. I was three months natural and wasn’t seeing good results. I had day to day breakage, my hair was dry, and straw like.
Going into my fourth month of transitioning, I research herbal, and ayurvedic treatments. I saw results instantly. I was amazed

I will know for sure I am now a long life natural, and will never use commercial hair cleansers again.


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My goal is to have healthy hair, and to helps others along the way.

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