Ayruvedic Treatments
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Zero Split Ends

Oooookay, splits ends are a no no of course. But we all get them UNLESS we know the secret on how to prevent them. Here’s how, lovely natural’s.

Tip: Hair with split ends will eventually break off. Which causes you to lose length.

Vatika Oil: Vatika Oil is comprised of Coconut Oil and infused with traditional Ayurvedic Herbs [Brahmi, Neem & Amla just to name a few] Coconut Oil strengthens hair at the roots, promotes hair growth, and actually penetrates the shaft to repair areas of the hair damaged from protein loss.

Vatika oil is one of my favorites. It makes my hair soft, shiny, manageable and thick.

Cassia Powder: Cassia works to strengthen hair at the root, strengthen the hair shaft, and promote hair growth. Cassia leaves your hair noticeably stronger, softer, and full of body.

Side Note: These herbal powders/oils will help speed up hair growth.

Peace, love, and hair grease. 🙂


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