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Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America Ayana D. Byrd, Lori L. Tharps

“Most Black people were desperate, in this time of potential prosperity, just to fit in with the crowd and make a decent life for themselves, firmly believing that a superficial cosmetic change could make a startling difference in the quality of their lives.” –Hair Story.

This is a must read for ever ethnicity. When reading this book I had my moments of laughs, smile, and tears. There where times when I shocked by the historical facts stated in the book, and appalled by the way African Americans thought of themselves then and now. Hair Story read of how Blacks hair issues being and why they stick with us. As we’ll of why Blacks react towards the “good hair Negro’s and the bad hair Negro’s”. I read this book like a mirror was place in front of my face. As I read I told myself “I will not think like this”, nor raise my children to be so negative about themselves or others.
Hair Story is a MUST READ no matter what color you are. It will open the door too a understanding that every American needs.

Peace, love, and hair grease. 🙂


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