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Is Your Hair Thirsty?

Source: natural-hair-madness

Source: natural-hair-madness

Frizz is an issues we curlies are faced with during the spring season. Enjoying the warmth is what we want to do with having to worry if the humidity will dry your hair out. So what to do?

Things to stock up on this spring:

1. Vegetable Glycerin’s are great moisture properties are beneficial for hair as well as skin. Dry, brittle hair will benefit from using hair care products made with it. Direct application of the oil can be extra powerful. If someone suffers from a dry, flaky scalp, rubbing vegetable glycerine into it can alleviate this irritation. This can be particularly beneficial for African-American women who tend to have these types of hair issues. In addition to its moisture properties, it also strengthens the hair and makes breakage and split ends less likely.
2. Raw African Shea Butter give hair tons of moisture and also works as a conditioner. It can also be used as a wonderful hot oil treatment. This will lock in moisture and provide hair with lots of volume due to its high fatty acids.
3. Coconut oil locks helps with curl definition and frizz by blocking dry molecules in the air. (I suggest Monoi Tahiti oil is the best and smells great) its available on Amazon for 10$.
4. And last but not least one of my FAVORITE, Castor oil (organic cold pressed). Castor oil is a godsend. It provides moisture, curl definition, cleans the scalp, and promotes growth.

Hope this helps.
Peace, love and grease. 😀

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